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Our blog prioritizes clarity, consistency, accuracy, relevance, and SEO optimization, reflecting our readers’ trust in us. We encourage contributors to align with these principles, ensuring your content connects with our audience and amplifies its online presence. By adhering to our editorial and SEO guidelines, your articles will likely attract more organic traffic, improve engagement, and achieve better visibility on search engines, enriching the value we offer to eCommerce entrepreneurs globally.

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Content Guidelines

Length of Content: Aim for 1,000 to 2,000 words to provide thorough insights and actionable advice.

Article Structure

Ensure your article is well-organized with a concise introduction, informative body, and clear conclusion. Use headings for structure, bullet points for key highlights, and short paragraphs for easy reading. This approach not only makes your content more accessible but also builds trust by presenting information clearly.


We require all submitted content to be original and not previously published elsewhere. Ensure your submissions are entirely your own work, steering clear of plagiarism in any form. Your contribution should be unique, reflecting your personal insights or experiences.


People enjoy consuming content created by other humans rather than exclusively with AI writing tools. Ensure that your draft content doesn’t sound mechanical or stuffy. We promote a fresh and approachable tone in our content, please ensure your piece delivers.

Submission Essentials​

External Links

Your guest post may include relevant links contributing to the reader’s understanding. Please ensure these links are not promotional or affiliate-based. Focus on linking to reputable sources that provide further insight into your subject matter. This approach will help keep your content both trustworthy and enriching for your reader.

Images and Video

Including impactful images or videos can engage readers more deeply, complementing your narrative visually. Select visuals that closely match your topic, enriching your article’s appeal and comprehension. This concise approach captures attention and visually supports your ideas, making your contribution visually appealing and more impactful.

Bio and Promotion

You may include a short author bio with your submission, where you’re welcome to share a little about yourself and your interests. You can also add a link to your personal website or social media profiles, allowing readers to connect with you and discover more about your work. This personal touch not only introduces you to our audience but also enriches the connection between you and your readers.

How to Submit​

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Sharing your expertise can significantly impact eCommerce entrepreneurs worldwide by offering them insights and strategies to grow their businesses. As you join our community of experts, your contributions will enrich our platform and help foster a supportive environment for learning and innovation. We appreciate your unique perspectives and are excited to welcome you into a network where knowledge sharing leads to collective success and the advancement of the eCommerce ecosystem globally. Your involvement can be a valuable exchange of ideas and experiences.