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Shopify Vs Etsy: Choose The Best ECommerce Platform For Your Business

Shopify Vs Etsy: Choose The Best ECommerce Platform For Your Business

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, with over four million active websites in 2023. This includes some of the world’s biggest brands like Allbirds, Gymshark, Rebecca Minkoff, Asphalte, and Hiut Denim Co.

Note: If you’re interested in other options for website builders, read the comparison of Wix vs. Shopify.

Overall, Shopify has an edge.
You can explore a wider range of products in comparison to Etsy.

Etsy is significantly more straightforward. There are still a lot of details to consider when adding new product listings to ensure they’re visible, but in general, once you create a store, that’s it.

A draw. All in all, it’s up to each shop owner – you decide if it’s better to have a personalized website, with all the perks but extra work, or make good use of an established environment without that much customization.

In short, Shopify’s app store offers endless added functionality, including tracking, management, and analytical capabilities. If you’re looking for eCommerce tools to help you grow your business online, Shopify has the edge.

Etsy has the lead. Shopify’s subscription format does have a significant upfront cost compared to Etsy’s, especially with the recent increase in prices. However, Shopify can be cost-effective in the mid-run if a store starts to scale due to significantly lower transaction fees.

Comparing Etsy vs Shopify analytics, Shopify is the winner if you want more detailed reporting. This can help you continue to generate actionable business intelligence to increase conversions and grow your online store.

Tip: If you’d like to check other platforms with even more marketing tools at your disposal, check out our article on Wix vs Shopify. Wix offers a top-notch email marketing tool and other features you’ll find very useful.

It’s a draw. Etsy can help jump-start a new online venture with few upfront costs, but it lacks the toolset and functionality to enable rapid growth. Shopify can make your business expand significantly but with increased costs and SEO requirements.

Written by

Andris Mucenieks

Andris Mucenieks

Andris is a writer and scholar with 10+ years of experience inside and outside academia. Devoted to his family and a convicted introvert, Andris left teaching to focus on what matters. He loves creating things, playing musical instruments, and walking around forests.

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