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Hot Off The Press: The Most Popular Shirt Colors In POD

Hot Off The Press: The Most Popular Shirt Colors In POD

Vita Stevens

Hot Off The Press: The Most Popular Shirt Colors in POD

We’ve collected data from our merchants’ top-selling shirts over the past year to help you choose t-shirt colors to sell online. Following style trends when choosing shades for your store will increase sales and help you appeal to a broader audience.

Many people love neutral colors, and a natural-colored t-shirt provides a soft, organic background for your designs. Use muted tones and colors like brown, green, and dark orange in your graphics to achieve an earthy look.

This beautiful off-white t-shirt color has hints of yellow, making it an excellent canvas for designs with both bold and muted colors.

This rich, dark shade of brown is really in fashion at the moment. It’s an excellent backdrop for contrasting and complementary colors, adding depth to your designs.

Dark heather t-shirts, no matter their color, have a textured, vintage look. Designs on dark heather garments print with a soft, muted finish perfect for casual yet stylish outfits.

Dark green tees have a nice earthy vibe and pair well with ivory, brown, and yellow designs.

These t-shirts offer a fresh twist on the traditional navy blue by adding texture and depth to the color. They print with a rich, saturated finish, perfect for making a bold fashion statement.

This heather blend of soft pink and muted purple gives any outfit or wardrobe a stylish touch. White, black, and green graphics look fantastic when printed on this t-shirt color.

This fresh color brings a gentle vibe to any outfit and style. It’s an excellent canvas for all your favorite colors, highlighting both bold graphics and subtle pastel tones.

A sand-colored t-shirt is perfect for creating relaxed and effortless outfits. This earthy tone adds a soft backdrop to vibrant designs, letting graphics pop.

These light grey t-shirts feature a blend of fibers, giving off a casual and sporty vibe that’s perfect for everyday wear.

These soft, rosy shirts add a cheerful vibe to any design, from bold colors to muted floral prints.

This shirt color lets vibrant shades pop while earthy shades like ivory blend nicely.

The smokey charcoal t-shirt is a perfect canvas for both vibrant and neutral tones.

Ash-colored t-shirts provide a lovely backdrop for designs in any color.

Written by

Vita Stevens

Vita Stevens

Vita is a content writer and an avid fan of language. With 5+ years of experience in the field of eCommerce, she comes from a background of support positions and has worked extensively with customer feedback. Vita loves creative and comedy writing. She’s sworn to have a minimum of two cats in her life at all times.

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