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Gelato vs Printify 2023: Ultimate POD Service Showdown!

The year 2023 has set the stage for an epic battle in the print-on-demand (POD) space, pitting two heavyweight platforms against each other.

As budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners search for the ideal POD service, the competition is getting hotter. This showdown between Gelato and Printify is more than just about choosing a service provider; it’s about choosing a business partner that aligns with your vision, goals, and customer satisfaction standards.

With e-commerce growth skyrocketing, and demand for personalized merchandise continuing to trend, picking the right platform can make all the difference. Let’s peel back the layers of marketing fluff and dive deep into the realms of Gelato and Printify, where every feature, service, and strategy could swing your vote in this cut-throat rivalry.

Diving Into The Platforms

Printify’s Platform Unveiled

When considering Printify as your print-on-demand partner, you’re not just looking at a service but exploring a vast ecosystem designed to make entrepreneurship more accessible. Here’s what you need to know about Printify’s platform:

Exploring Gelato’s Service Suite

Gelato emerges as a formidable contender in the POD arena with a suite that combines speed, intelligence, and a deep commitment to sustainability. Established in Oslo and having achieved unicorn status, Gelato infuses cutting-edge technology into their offering, giving you the power to print and ship with conscience and ease. Here’s a brief exploration of what Gelato has in its arsenal for you:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Gelato prides itself on promptness, boasting a track record for quick turnarounds and being a boon for meeting customer expectations.
  • Global Network: With a footprint in local markets worldwide, they offer a vast network of professional printing partners, ensuring your products are produced closer to your customers.
  • Sustainability: They don’t just print; they do it with the planet in mind using eco-friendly materials and processes, ideal for businesses that prioritize their environmental impact.
  • Resource Rich: The Gelato Academy and online resource center are treasure troves of knowledge, helping you navigate the intricacies of eCommerce and dropshipping.
  • Integration Mastery: Whether it’s Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce, Gelato integrates seamlessly, creating a smooth operation for your online storefront.
  • Robust Support: Offering around-the-clock assistance, they ensure you have help whenever needed, keeping your operations running without a hitch.

These elements combine to make Gelato a strong candidate for anyone looking to scale their business while maintaining an eco-conscious approach.

Product Offerings and Quality Face-Off

What’s on the Menu? Comparing Product Catalogs

When filling your storefront with goods that shout ‘brand,’ the range and diversity of products are essential. Let’s compare Printify and Gelato for a product catalog comparison.

  • Breadth of Selection: Printify vs. Gelato: With over 850 products spanning apparel, accessories, home & living, and more, Printify takes the lead in variety. Gelato isn’t far behind, though, offering 100 products tailored to a refined audience with a specific focus on quality and eco-friendliness.
  • Apparel Options: If you want to deck out your shop with the latest in fashion, both platforms have you covered with men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing. But for the bulk of options, including hoodies, shirts, and hats, Printify’s catalog might have a slight edge.
  • Home Goods: Both platforms champion a cozy home vibe with an array of mugs and glassware. Yet, if your brand is all about that complete domestic flair, Printify’s more enormous catalog, including tumblers and bottles, might be more enticing.
  • Specialty Items: Printify’s extensive collection can cater to niche markets, from phone cases to pet supplies. Gelato sticks to a refined selection, focusing on high-quality items that resonate with selective needs.

Ultimately, the more extensive your product range, the better your chance to uncover bestsellers that resonate with your audience. Whether you go with Printify for its sheer volume or Gelato for its curated, quality-centric selection, your choice will reflect your brand’s personality and market strategy.

Quality Matters: Analysing Print Standards

In the print-on-demand world, the final product’s quality is king. It speaks volumes about your brand and determines customer satisfaction. Let’s dissect the print standards of Printify and Gelato.

  • Printify’s Pursuit of Quality: Printify understands that quality is non-negotiable. Collaborating with a network of print providers who must adhere to stringent quality standards, Printify ensures that products meet high expectations. Their prints are reputed to be durable and resilient, which can go a long way in maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Gelato’s Commitment to Excellence: Gelato boasts a similar dedication to quality, with their print providers producing goods that are not only vibrant and sharp but also resilient to wear and tear. This commitment to detail ensures that products from Gelato are appreciated for their superior finish.

Print quality is influenced by several factors, including the printing technology used, the quality of the inks, the printed product’s material, and the print operators’ skill. Both Gelato and Printify strive to deliver high-quality products, but the best way to judge would be to sample products from both and compare the print quality side by side.

Statistically speaking, returns due to poor print quality are generally low for both platforms, indicating that both Gelato and Printify are closely matched.

Pricing, Plans, and Profit Margins

Subscribing to Success: Packages and Prices

Subscribing to the right plan is pivotal to your profit margins and growth trajectory. Let’s dissect the subscription options and pricing structures of Gelato and Printify to ensure your investment pays off.


  • Free Tier: Yes, getting started with Printify is free, which can be enticing for newcomers in the POD market.
  • Premium Plan: At $29/month (or $24.99 when billed annually), Printify’s Premium Plan offers 20% lower product pricing, which can significantly impact your bottom line.
  • Enterprise Solution: For businesses scaling up, Printify negotiates custom solutions tailored to your volume and specific needs.


  • Free Tier: Gelato also offers a freemium package, minimizing the risk for those making their first steps.
  • Gelato+: Users can enjoy shipping discounts without reducing product pricing for a monthly fee of $14.99 or an annual cost of $139.
  • Gold: At the top of Gelato’s pricing tier is the Gold subscription at $99/month or $999/year. It promises up to 50% discounted shipping, integration with multiple eCommerce stores, and extended support, among other perks.

Each provider caters to different needs, and the best plan for you hinges on your business size, sales frequency, and how much you value-added services like dedicated support or product pricing discounts.

Calculating Costs: Which Offers Greater Value?

To determine which platform—Gelato or Printify—offers more excellent value for your hard-earned dollar, let’s crunch the numbers and examine the cost implications.

Printful Example Costs:

  • Mug Production Costs: A mug costs around $14.44 to fulfill.
  • Profit Margins: With a selling price point of $23, your profit is $8.56 before marketplace fees.

Gelato Example Costs:

  • The cost details for a comparable mug are not explicit, but Gelato’s model suggests a competitive price similar to the market standard.

Inclusions and Exclusives:

  • Both platforms operate on a free entry-level basis with premium plans offering various discounts.
  • Printify Premium at $24.99/month (when paid annually) means they target serious sellers looking to augment their margins with a smaller upfront investment.
  • Gelato+ is cheaper at $139/year, offering shipping discounts and targeting sellers prioritizing reduced logistics costs.

To better understand the value, one must factor in the product options, production quality, print precision, and reliability in addition to the raw numbers. The value can be further influenced by auxiliary benefits such as customer support, usability, and integration facilitation offered by each platform.

Remember, a more considerable upfront investment might lead to significant savings, but this has to be balanced against your immediate cash flow and business scale.

Navigating Integrations and Ecosystems

Connectivity is Key: eCommerce Integrations

In the age of eCommerce, your print-on-demand platform’s ability to integrate with various online stores dramatically influences operational ease and sales potential. Both Gelato and Printify boast robust integrations, but let’s see how they stack up.

Printify’s Integrations include:

  • Popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.
  • Other integrations include Wix, Squarespace, and BigCommerce.
  • For the tech-savvy, Printify offers API access for custom connections.

Gelato’s Integrations include:

  • A similar range with Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and more.
  • Unique additions like BrandMaster and KonnectzIT.
  • Gelato also provides API access and touts a straightforward integration process.

The breadth and depth of integrations are similar for both platforms, allowing you to connect your POD products with various online marketplaces and storefronts. The choice might come down to the tools and platforms you’re already using or considering for your business’s future.

Gelato’s additional integrations with tools like Dropbox and Google Drive may offer you more convenience if you frequently use these services. Meanwhile, Printify’s inclusion of platforms like Prestashop and Shipstation could align better with your fulfillment workflows.

Marketplace Mastery: Extending Your Sales Reach

Dominating the digital market is critical for print-on-demand businesses, and both Gelato and Printify understand this. Let us go ahead and unpack how each can help you cast your sales net wider.

Printify’s Marketplace Approach:

  • They integrate with giants like eBay and Etsy, empowering you to leverage their vast customer bases.
  • Additionally, you can use the company’s Shopify partnership to create a bespoke online store.
  • Printify encourages selling on multiple fronts, which could intensify your market presence and maximize potential profits.

Gelato’s Marketplace Tactics:

  • Gelato similarly offers easy merge with critical players like Etsy and Shopify, ensuring you have access to a global audience.
  • They go a notch higher with their inroads into corporate solutions, allowing you to tap into the promotional products market.
  • With a particular emphasis on quality, Gelato might add an extra layer of brand prestige that’s attractive on premium marketplaces.

Essentially, both platforms ensure you take advantage of the opportunity to make your mark on some of the world’s most trafficked online marketplaces. Whether you opt for Printify with its vast and varied integrations or Gelato with its quality-first approach, ensure that the platform you choose complements your marketing strategy and enhances your overall brand appeal.

Fulfillment and Shipping Rivalry

Worldwide Warehouses: Who Delivers Faster?

In the race to your customer’s doorstep, the location and efficiency of fulfillment centers are crucial. Printify and Gelato promise swift delivery through their global networks, but which genuinely leads the pack?

Printify’s Speed Strategy:

  • Leveraging 13 worldwide fulfillment centers, Printify aims to fulfill orders close to the customer’s location, reducing shipping times.
  • With order routing, customer orders are directed to the nearest print provider, optimizing production and shipping speeds.
  • While next-day delivery is off the table, Printify aims for a turnaround of 2-7 days for printing, followed by delivery time, which can vary depending on the location.

Gelato’s Global Gamble:

  • Gelato also promises a local-to-local delivery approach, with an impressive reach spanning several continents.
  • Although explicit shipping times aren’t guaranteed, Gelato’s network is designed to facilitate fast and efficient order fulfillment.

Essentially, both services are neck and neck, striving to provide the fastest possible delivery times without compromising quality. However, the actual speed for your orders may depend on factors like order volume, local courier efficiency, and regional considerations such as customs variations.

However, consider that external factors like holidays, high-demand periods, or unforeseen global events can stretch these timelines for any provider.

Nuts and Bolts of Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the backbone of any print-on-demand business, and figuring out how Printify and Gelato handle the nuts and bolts of this process can influence your operational flow and customer satisfaction.

Printify’s Order Fulfillment Mechanics:

  • Bulk Orders: For larger volumes, they offer up to a 30% discount on shipping, which can be appealing if you’re stocking up for events or physical stores.
  • Automation: Printify’s order routing automatically selects the nearest print provider, optimizing production and shipping timeframes for efficiency.
  • Branding: They offer options to add branded labels and packaging inserts, making each delivery brand ambassador.

Gelato’s Order Fulfillment Dynamics:

  • Centralized Management: Orders can be managed through a unified dashboard for convenience and control.
  • Production Transparency: Gelato details production times, helping you set accurate customer expectations.
  • Sustainability Focus: Their fulfillment process includes eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, appealing to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Both platforms strive for a delicate balance between speed, quality, and customer experience in their fulfillment processes. Whether you prioritize shipping discounts and branding or transparency and sustainability will significantly depend on your brand values and business model.

Customer Support and User Experience

Helping Hands: Evaluating Support Channels

When you’re in the thick of running an e-commerce business, smooth sailing is never guaranteed. That’s why having a reliable support system is invaluable. Let’s examine how Printify and Gelato step up to the plate when you need a helping hand.

Printify’s Support System:

  • Printify prides itself on its extensive self-help options, including a detailed Help Center, blogs, tutorials on its YouTube channel, and guidance articles.
  • For direct assistance, they offer 24/7 live chat support, ensuring you have a lifeline at all hours.
  • Their Expert team is on standby for dedicated, specialized support for pressing matters.

Gelato’s Assistive Approach:

  • Gelato doesn’t lag, providing a comprehensive help center and online resources through their Gelato Academy for DIY troubleshooting.
  • When the FAQs don’t cut it, their live chat promises rapid response times, with email and phone support as additional lifelines.
  • They strongly emphasize responsive service, which means less waiting time and more resolution time.

In this arena, Printify and Gelato are fiercely competitive, understanding that stellar customer support can be just as crucial as their services.

The choice between the two might be personal preference: whether you favor Printify’s around-the-clock chat service or Gelato’s holistic educational resources.

Smooth Operators: Usability and Platform Accessibility

A user-friendly platform is paramount in maintaining your productivity and sanity, especially when dealing with the complexities of print-on-demand services. Printify and Gelato understand this and strive to make their platforms as intuitive as possible.

Printify’s Ease of Use:

  • Their clean and straightforward interface makes navigating through product creation, ordering, and store integration a breeze.
  • The intuitive design editor simplifies the customization process, enabling you to create free product mockups that look professional and appealing.
  • With guidance available at every step, Printify ensures even those new to POD can get up to speed quickly.

Gelato’s Approach to Accessibility:

  • Gelato also offers a user-friendly experience emphasizing sleek design and seamless flow through its various features.
  • Their design editor is accessible for all skill levels, with drag-and-drop functionalities making product personalization straightforward.
  • Integration processes are designed to be easy, even if you’re not tech-savvy, allowing you to synchronize your e-commerce store without a hitch.

Both platforms score high on usability, appreciating that the fewer hurdles you encounter while setting up or managing your store, the more time you can devote to your core business operations.

Ultimately, the best way to determine the platform that fits like a glove is to take both for a test drive and see which interface resonates more with your workflow.

From Users’ Perspectives: Reviews and Feedback

Voices of the Sellers: Community Insights

When choosing a POD platform, Word-of-mouth recommendations and real-world experiences can be incredibly insightful. Let’s tap into the community insights to glean how Printify and Gelato measure up in the eyes of their users.

Printify’s Community Voice:

  • Many users praise Printify for its vast product range and integration capabilities, allowing them to expand their catalogs quickly.
  • Sellers with higher volumes appreciate the premium plan’s discounts, significantly affecting overall profitability.
  • Some critiques point to varied experiences with print quality depending on the chosen print provider, highlighting the platform’s need for consistency.

Gelato’s Seller Feedback:

  • Gelato’s commitment to sustainability earns high marks from eco-conscious brands looking to tout their green credentials.
  • Their global network is often mentioned as a boon for providing customers worldwide with quicker shipping.
  • However, there are murmurs about a more limited product range, which could be a hurdle for sellers wanting to venture into a wider variety of niches.

Engaging with these user testimonials reveals the operational realities you might encounter with each service. While individual experiences may vary, common threads in feedback can steer you toward the platform that aligns with your business ethos and operational needs.

The Ratings Game: Scoring System Revelations

In a data-driven market, the scores and ratings assigned to POD platforms like Gelato and Printify are crucial indicators of their performance and reliability. Let’s reveal what these scores mean for your business decisions.

Printify’s Ratings Round-Up:

  • Sporting a respectable score, Printify basks in positive reviews across various forums, highlighting its user-friendly interface and efficient fulfillment system.
  • It also earns points for its customer service responsiveness and the breadth of its product catalog.
  • Yet, some users reflect lesser satisfaction with the inconsistency of print quality among different providers.

Gelato’s Scoring Synopsis:

  • Gelato’s rating often reflects its strong suits, like the speed of delivery and quality of products, along with its exceptional customer support.
  • As a boon, its approach to sustainability is frequently celebrated, attracting a base of environmentally focused users.
  • Nevertheless, there’s room for growth in product variety, which impacts its rating among sellers looking for a massive selection.

These scoring systems, which often consider ease of use, quality, customer service, and variety, can be a barometer for potential success with either platform. However, balance these ratings with your needs and goals, as they may align differently.

Choosing Your Champion: Making the Decision

Tailoring to Your Business Needs

When it comes down to the wire, the choice between Printify and Gelato should be impeccably tailored to the unique tapestry of your business needs. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned seller, your business size, product range, brand values, and customer service expectations will determine your perfect match.

Considerations for Printify:

  • If your business model thrives on diverse product offerings and global reach, Printify’s extensive catalog and fulfillment centers might be critical to your success.
  • Businesses looking to maximize profit margins may value Printify’s premium plan, which offers discounts conducive to scaling up.

Elements for Gelato:

  • For those with a razor-sharp focus on quality and a commitment to sustainability, Gelato’s curated catalog with environmentally friendly options could resonate more.
  • If your brand is all about rapid delivery and tapping into new markets, Gelato’s global print network could steer you ahead.

Reflect on product quality, ethical production, cost efficiency, customer service, and the platform’s flexibility. The champion you seek is the POD service that best aligns with your priorities and adapts to your growth.

Predictions for the Future of POD with Gelato and Printify

Looking ahead, the future of POD seems vibrant and pregnant with possibilities, especially with trendsetters like Gelato and Printify at the helm. Here are a few predictions for what lies ahead in print-on-demand, with these two platforms guiding the way.

Printify’s Prospective Path:

  • Innovation and Growth: As it continues expanding its product selection and printing capabilities, Printify is likely to corner an even larger market share.
  • Technological Advancements: AI and machine learning integration could streamline their automation process, enhancing order efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Brand Collaborations: Partnerships with known brands could bring exclusive products into their vast catalog, offering unique selling points for merchants.

Gelato’s Forecasted Future:

  • Sustainability Leadership: As the e-commerce sector becomes more environmentally conscious, Gelato may become the go-to POD platform for sustainable brands.
  • Expansion: Gelato is expected to increase its catalog without compromising quality, meeting more demands from diverse sectors.
  • Localization: Maximizing local production in even more regions could further reduce carbon footprints and delivery times, setting a new standard in the industry.

Whichever path you choose, being onboard with Printify or Gelato means having a finger on the pulse of leading-edge POD services. Aligning with them could help you navigate the future landscape of e-commerce with confidence and anticipation.

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Is Gelato or Printify More Cost-Effective for Small Businesses?

Printify’s no upfront cost model and free tier make it an attractive option for small businesses where every penny counts, particularly with the premium plan that grants product discounts. On the other hand, Gelato’s lower-cost Gelato+ subscription plan and shipping discounts may make it the more sensible choice for businesses with a smaller volume of orders. Ultimately, the decision should hinge on your specific business dynamics, including order volume, desired product range, and shipping considerations.

Can I Use Both Gelato and Printify Together?

Using both Gelato and Printify together can be a savvy move. You can leverage their combined strengths—Gelato’s global reach and commitment to sustainability, Printify’s extensive product range, and discounted rates for high-volume sellers. It’s a way to diversify your offerings and reduce dependency on a single provider, ultimately providing broader customer options.

Which Platform Provides Better Print Quality?

Both Printify and Gelato are recognized for their commitment to quality. Printify offers a diverse range of print providers, meaning the print quality can vary, allowing you to select a provider based on their quality reviews. Gelato maintains a consistent print quality with its centralized network, which may be preferential for those seeking uniformity across all products. Sampling products from both platforms is the best way to determine which aligns with your standards for print quality.

How Do Shipping Times Compare Between Gelato and Printify?

Shipping times can be a deal-breaker for many customers. With its extensive global network, Gelato focuses on local production to speed up delivery, often resulting in faster shipping times, especially for international orders. Printify also facilitates efficient order routing through its network of global partners to optimize shipping times. The decisive factor may vary based on specific locations and the product. For the fastest delivery, could you compare the estimated shipping times each platform provides for your targeted customer regions?

Where Can I Find Real User Experiences With Each Platform?

Real user experiences with Gelato and Printify can be found on various platforms, including independent review websites like Trustpilot, site-specific reviews on Shopify or WooCommerce store pages, and community forums like Reddit. Additionally, look for case studies, video testimonials, and user-generated content on social media channels, which often give a genuine glimpse of user satisfaction and the real-world performance of these POD services.

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